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A better way to invest in residential real estate

Enjoy the returns of residential property without the stress of being a landlord by investing alongside owner-occupiers

Strong returns i

Access a property growth linked return from a diversified portfolio of vetted Australian residential real estate assets.

Reduced outgoingsii

Enjoy the growth upside without the usual land-tax, letting fees, maintenance, and mortgage costs.

Socially responsible

More than property growth, you’re investing in essential workers, so they can own a home close to work.

I am a sophisticated investor

You are a sophisticated investor if you possess sufficient investing experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity.

I am an advisor

You are a financial advisor if you manage and invest funds on behalf of clients who meet the requirements of a sophisticated investor.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is liquidity generated in the Fund?

The below two mechanisms may generate liquidity for the Fund:

  1. Property sales by homeowners – the average hold period for a property in the Sydney market is 5.5 years
  2. Progressive Equity Buy Outs by homeowners – homeowners increase their equity stake annually, with the equity price determined by the market-value of the property at the time of the transaction.
Will I receive any rental income?

No. However, subject to liquidity from property sales and Equity Buy Outs, the HOPE Fund aims to distribute cash quarterly to investors,.

Does the HOPE Fund cover typical Landlord costs like rates, utilities, strata fees and property insurances?

We are targeting 10 per cent per annum (net of management fees and other fund expenses, before tax). The HOPE corporate entity is not for profit meaning that management fees will be charged on a cost recovery basis. The HOPE Fund itself will aim to realise a competitive and commercial return to investors distributed on a quarterly basis.

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(i) HOPE offers an investment opportunity for sophisticated investors to access the Australian residential real estate market which has had 40+ years of historical growth rate of 7.89% according to BIS Oxford Economic property index. The HOPE Fund’s return may not correlate to the historical returns of the Australian residential real estate market.

(ii) An investment in HOPE Fund gets you access to a diversified portfolio of residential real estate. Homeowners are on title and required to maintain the home and all pay costs. HOPE has priority on all properties within the portfolio.